UK-based ESP player Jamie Hunt gives you a thorough demo of the affordable but powerful LTD EC-256 in Lemon Drop finish.

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  • Kevin X S

    Nice Demo. Great playing demonstrates how cool these guitars are. The 256's are phenomenal for the $$$$ and play like a high dollar ax. Highly recommended. 

  • Mohamed Amine K.

    Hi guys, bought mine in black and gold a couple of months ago. I like the way it looks and plays. But so far I tried it with three different amps and it sound pretty muddy. No way to differenciate the notes when you try to play the E, A, D strings fast. Any recommendations on the bridge humbcuker setup? A lot of people recommend to change the pickups but I have seen a lot of people across the internet pull out some decent distored sound from the LH150 pickups.

    • Kevin X S

      Any aftermarket humbucker will be an upgrade. Get something with alnico 5 magnets which are clearer and not as dark. Duncan Custom 5 bridge comes to mind. Neck-any alnico 5 neck model at around 7-8k dc resistance will be great. 

  • Dennis R.

    I bought mine today,

    The lemon drop is the dogs bollocks

  • Cuthbert J. Twillie

    Well I did it. I bought mine yesterday, just waiting for delivery now -- i can hardly wait!

    I would have got it a bit sooner but the store, Sweetwater (, was out of stock. They got two in yesterday, I bought mine right away and the other was snatched up within a couple hours too. Now they're waiting for more to come in. My Sales Engineer there said I will absolutly love playing this and the Lemon Drop finish is a killer.

    Rock On!

  • Cuthbert J. Twillie

    I REALLY like the LTD 256FM in Lemon Drop. It's giving me a bad case of 'GAS" -- 'Guitar Aquisition Syndrome'

    I'll likely get one in a month or so, won't be able to resist much longer than that, and I'll have the wife softened up by then (10 guitars is a bit much for her

    And as they say I am a 'Fender Guy', playing Strats, I have one out and ready to play now. But I have to have a 256 and that's it