ESP George Lynch Mr Scary Contest KIMURA T.

Hi.I am Kimura T from Tokyo.
This is my entry of "LYNCH CONTEST "
I tried to play this song while image that I wander through the nightmare.In the nightmare, I even ran also ran, caught up in something. And Mr. Scary is fear to me suddenly in everywhere.
but it is difficult to play this song!I must also ensure that more training.
Iam so happy during the peiod of this contest. because a lot of people played this song "Mr.Scary"at the same time all over the world.A lot of thanks for ESP.And George,thank you for a great music!


Frakkn À Tweety! THAT is scary... In an awesomeness kinda way ! 


Thanks  man! I feel so glad that you thought "scary" ....!

paul m.

Well done Kimura, you feckin Rock!!


Thank you Paul! you are very welcome.

but i should more guiter training.

lets enjoying rock and playing guitar together!

Cesar P.

Oye y ya te llego la guitarra que tal es


soy no puede transrate su texto.

por favor escriba su conment de nuevo a poco de texto simple


Wow, that performance brought a smile to my face.  Definitely a good win.  

By the way, I find it very funny that you said a nightmare.  This song appeared on Back for the Attack.  The song Dream Warriors is also on that album.  That song was the title track for Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.  

Was actually one of my favorite albums for that year because of it.  Funny, right?


Hi Mr,Vipprimo.Thank you for your comment.I am grad!

Yes,I used a keyword “nightmare”for my videos comment.I pondered a story of “Mr Scary”in my own way befor play it.
because I likes to imagine the scene and landscape that song draw.
I got the nightmare vision while I was so.I continue to be chased by a scary man in a dream.That was a image of arrange of my play.
Of course I like “dream warriors”well!


Cesar P.

Una pregunta como haces para tocar asi de rapido, dame algunos trucos porfavor


Mi juego es de ninguna manera técnica. Hay muchas jugador técnico en otro guitarrista entrada. Yo sólo tenía absorto y disfrutar. Y yo estaba realmente respeto George y esta canción.

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