Yo!, What's Up, Lynch Fans!?! Okay, here's my official entry! A small tribute, a tip of the hat, if you will, to George Lynch. Hope you like my personal take on "Mr. Scary" influenced from the "Beast from the East" Tour, Live 1988 era. This is "raw" so it's a little rough around the edges.. (laughs!) but it sounds pretty good I think, as no one is perfect. LOL! Oh, and the "groovy 1968 lighting effects"? I've had a migraine of late, and so I needed the room dark, and it looked pretty cool! A special "Shout out" to my good friend Jay Parmar, who lit the fuse to get me to record my video here!  My new guitar is a carved, custom George Lynch Inverted tiger striped, Mahogany body in Pumpkin Orange, designed by Tony Fuentes, DiMarzio Super Distortion Pickups, played directly through a Boss eBand JS-10, New Guitar Tone Patch: "George Lynch Halfway Jam Live 2012" . Lighting effects by Spencer Gifts! Thanks everyone! See you all soon with more rare, Live Lynch videos, Lynch tutorials, Skull & Bones guitars, and much more! ~ Thank you! ~ Tony George Lynch Official Website http://www.georgelynch.com/ George Lynch Fan Page Facebook https://www.facebook.com/georgelynchfanpage George Lynch's Gear, Effects, Tour Rigs

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Awesome!! Loved watching the video and the playing was badass!!!

Jay Parmar

As always, love watching you play bro!!!!  And the faces - dude, I made the same faces first take! Haha! Then I reshot when I saw the video!!! LOL!!!! Beautiful playing and phrasing Tony - I knew instantly that it was Beast era influenced

Giuseppe Raffa

Great!!! Incredibly fast left hand!!! Great technique!!

scott s.

Tony, you are the man!!!!  That was awesome as always.  You win (in my opinion).

Tony Fuentes

Scott, thank you!  There are many more guitar entries to come and many talented players so far that have entered, so I have not won anything by any means...but I appreciate the vote of confidence!  Much appreciated!