Hey guys. Finally a new video, please check out the vid in HD. This time I'm playing along with an Andy James song: "Time and time again" this song is so complex but it's just beautiful. I've transcribed the whole song by ear. Once again, this is one of the hardest piece of music I ever attempted to play, it was a real challenge and I almost gave up, but here is the message for you: never give up you're more than any challenge! Youtube seems to "stabilize" the video making the starting so blurry, in my pc the video is perfect, I don't know if this will ever be fixed by youtube, but if it is not, I'm so sorry guys I don't how to fix it. :'( Andy James is my favorite guitar player ever, or me he is the best of all ! his technique and velocity are out of this world, not to talk about his compositions which are always incredible. My Ultimate-Guitar profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/SoundSolemn/ Soundcloud: Instagram: http://instagram.com/soundsolemn Tuning: E standard Guitar: Jackson PDX demmelition King V. Effects: Line 6 Pod 2.0. Note: Tone made by mua! Strings: "La Bella" Cheers, and thanks a LOT ! for watching this video. Your metalhead friend: SoundSolemn. I do not right any of the background music in this video, it is the property of "Andy James" thanks a lot. THE GLORY IS FOR YOU GOD.

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