AnimeMetalHead: You can download this on my soundcloud if you really like it: I made this full cover with my friend and really I didn't do much I just did the left guitar and got the project initiated, but my friend fine tuned the drum programming and did the Right Guitar and tried to get vocals, though we ended up without them. He also did bass... haha anyway I hope you enjoy this cover and feel free to leave any suggestions! I used an ESP LTD F-50 with custom pickups and my friend used ESP LTD EX-Outlaw and an F series bass. I recorded, mixed, and mastered using Reaper. I used EZDrummer Metal! mixed with Metal Machine and TSE X50 for the guitars on the left. The right side is from a POD and its a 5150 simulation I believe. For any additional information I didn't cover here feel free to ask or even leave some constructive criticism. I do not own the music in this video I am posting under the terms of "Fair Use" and is for Entertainment and Educational purposes only.

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