Hey fellows :') !!! Here's a new video with the newest guitar I got !!!! the ESP LTD MH-1000 FR , this guitar is amazing I'm so in love with it. Please check out the vid in HD for better synchronization. I did this with the original backing track so all you'll hear in the video is my guitar playing over the backing track. Once again I'm playing along with an Andy James interpretation, one of his several and incredible guitar quick licks: "Steve Vai Style - Quick Licks" this is just a masterpiece. I've transcribed the whole thing by ear. Youtube seems to desynchronized the audio and the video again !!! :-( but put HD it will help. Andy James is my favorite guitar player ever, for me he is the best of all ! his technique and velocity are out of this world, not to talk about his compositions which are always incredible. My Ultimate-Guitar profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/SoundSolemn/ Soundcloud: Instagram: http://instagram.com/soundsolemn Tuning: E standard Guitar: ESP LTD MH-1000 FR Snow White. Effects: Line 6 Pod 2.0. Strings: "Cleartone strings" Pick: Small pick - Jim dunlop U.S.A stubby 2.0 mm Cheers, and thanks a LOT ! for watching this video. Your metalhead friend: SoundSolemn. I do not right any of the background music in this video, it is the property of "Andy James" thanks a lot. THE GLORY IS FOR YOU GOD.