Music video by Hit The Ground performing Tweny Five And The Planet Creation from the album "Terminations" Order Now Filmed in Geozavod Beograd Produced,Shot and Edited by Credit to: Shmirgla Skateboarder FACEBOOK - TWITTER - TUMBLR - Burnside Records All Right Reserved by Studio Frame and HIT THE GROUND December 2013 Lyrics : She was ready to swim In a soiled sea, to embrace the spells of the enemies. She always looked back, not straight ahead; I ripped that blindfold to make her see. I made those wings fly for the first time and let her get in my world to evolve and become what she wants to be. This is the moment that overwhelmed me and sew on the missing part on me. I'll never let it go, that part, like you never will. Every mistake we made till this beautiful day has not been in vain. One thing I've learned from this is to follow my heart. One thing I saw in your eyes is the fuckin life. Look at our world and face the facts; Together we breathe, this is what we are, divided we fall, Only a hollow shell. But this path is well covered with us,I'm sure. Together we breathe, divided we fall.