Ivan N.

I wanna buy a set of tone controls, where can I buys those? 

Carl N.

Perhaps AllParts would be a good place to start


I  would  like to buy a new set of tuning machines  for this bass guitar. I bought my bass from a dealer. I contacted a different dealer & they told me that ESP would not sell separate tuning machines. I might have got my words mixed up to the salesman. I really don't mind buying a set of  (6) LTD Brand Tuning Machines for my ESP Bass Guitar.How can I buy a full set of Tuning machines for my bass? I really hate to cut corners by buying some other brand of tuning machines. My bass guitar is just like this one, 6 string.Same color of tuning machines.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jonbeans, please contact our customer service team with your inquiry. Here is their email: customerservice@espguitars.com 

Claudell C.

Hi, what size Allen key is used to adjust the trussrod? I can't find anything to fit it?

Carl N.

Hey Claudell, 4mm, though I'd recommend taking this to a professional for adjustment if you're unfamiliar with this kind of work.

Alex B.


what is the difference between this new model and the previous one with name on 12th fret?

Carl N.

Hey Alex, the name on the 12th fret, that's it.  It's all the same, hope this helps!




Are the tuning key screws #2 × 3/8" or #3 × 3/8"?


I'm looking at having Hipshot tuners put on, which come with #3 x 3/8" screws and want to get the sizes right.



Carl N.

Hey RJD, you can reach out to our service department for this information.  customerservice@espguitars.com