Nattawat C.

I was just wondering that can I replace bridge with 18mm spacing bridge without neck problem?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Nattawat, Our current string spacing at bridge is 16mm. If you change to 18, your string spread might be a little too wide for the neck.

Ken W.

Hi!! I was just wondering what the weight is for the B-206 and how does it compare to the D series ( six string) are they the same weight? Thanks so much!! 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Ken, the B-206 is approximately 10 lbs and the D-6 is about 10.6lbs. Both are similar, maybe the B-206 is more comfortable and slightly lighter. Same outer shape (perimeter) but different contours.

Chris H.

Could you confirm the ideal string height at the 17th fret for each string please?  I'm assuming 4/64" for the B and 3/64" for everything else? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Chris, This depends on your playing style and touch. Each player has a different touch or feel so adjustments may be necessary based on those factors as well as string gauge and tuning. For a 6 string bass, our standard string height measured at the 12th fret is 1/8" (3.2mm) at the B string and 5/64" (2.0mm) at the high C string. It sounds like you are looking for low action. That is possible if you set the neck very straight and play with a light touch. Remember that fret buzz heard acoustically is not an issue, but you typically don't want to hear the fret buzz through the amp (unless that is the sound you are going for).

Casey K.

Hello, would a set of 32 - 130 strings would be too heavy for standard tuning on this bass?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Casey, This set would be fine. It's a little heavier than what comes on the bass, but will work fine. Since there will be more tension on the neck we recommend you adjust the truss rod and bridge & nut slots as necessary.


I recently put Ernie Ball #2838 32-45-65-80-100-130 on and they work great. I had my luthier build me a custom bone nut so everything fits perfectly.

Todd B. ESP

HI RJD, That sounds like a great upgrade, thanks for sharing it here.

Stéfan P.



I just spent a couple hrs looking for a replacement black nickel machine head for the B String of my B206SM.... not an easy thing to find. Can I get one from you ?

Otherwise, I love it. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Stefan, Where do you live? Are you in the US or in another country? I would suggest to email our customer service team and explain your issue. It might be possible that either we (USA team) or international distributor can help you find the part you need.