Stéfan P.



I just spent a couple hrs looking for a replacement black nickel machine head for the B String of my B206SM.... not an easy thing to find. Can I get one from you ?

Otherwise, I love it. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Stefan, Where do you live? Are you in the US or in another country? I would suggest to email our customer service team and explain your issue. It might be possible that either we (USA team) or international distributor can help you find the part you need.

Jason B.

Can you tell me a few more specs on the neck?  Things I'm looking for are width at nut, string spacing at bridge, neck thickness would work too if you have that.  Thanks.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jason, Sorry for the late reply. Here are the specs you requested. Nut width: 54mm / End of neck width: 84mm / Thickness @1F: 20.5mm / Thickness @ 12F: 22.5mm / String to String spacing at bridge: 16mm

Heinz R.

My Bass of Basses since Nov.2011 !

Best Sound with Cleartone Strings ! Since 2016 I play him with a .160“ D‘Addario String for a deep Fis ! That‘s Not the End of Bottom Feeling ! There wait a.200“ and a.230“ from Pyramid to work with us . Extrem Heavy Greetings to all ! Heinz!

Ask about the possibility to Cleartone for Strings in this habilty ,

but donˋt know what to do !

Todd B. ESP

Hi Heinz, Wow. Glad to hear you get a lot of use out of your bass. And interesting about the strings. Those are very heavy gauges!



I will be swapping out the strings in the near future and am looking at the D'Addario NYXL 32-45-65-80-100-130 super long. Can you find out if a .130 B string will fit through the string hole in the bridge? I don't want to drill or modify anything.

I'm also looking at a La Bella set with 29-45-65-85-105-128.



Todd B. ESP

Hi RJD, I believe you already got your answer from our customer service team but I also wanted to let you know here. We confirmed that the .130 B string will fit through the hole in the bridge.

Antonio  N.

Good Morniig! What the best PU for replace?

Todd B. ESP

Hello Antonio, please email our customer service team if you need suggestions for your pickups. Many people use the stock pickups so you may want to try them out first. here is our customer service email: