Jamil P.

Hello ESP! I am curious to know if there is any difference between the bridge and neck pickups? Is it a dual Humbucker setup or a P/J style setup? Also is there any difference between this new model and the previous iterations? Thanks!

Carl N.

Hey Jamil, bridge and neck pickups will be constructed differently since their positioning will produce different tones.  These will be more in line with EMG/Seymour Duncan soapbar pickups but will be passive with an active preamp.

Andrei I.

Hello! I want to buy this model, but stores like Thomann or Muziker still show pictures and specs of the old edition with the model name inlayed on the 12th fret. Is their website outdated or they may still be shipping the older edition? Could you tell me the year you introduced the new edition so that I can check with them what edition they have in stock? Thank you!

Carl N.

Hey Andrei, this was a running change that took place over the last couple years.  Running change meaning that we introduced this while older models were still in house and with dealers.  It would be best to contact the dealer you intend to purchase this from to see what version they currently have in stock.


Hi  Andrei . I wish you much success in your search. The one I have, is the one that has the model # on the 12th fret. One of my thoughts is, the ones with the model

#'s  on the 12 th fret might gain  in value futuristically . I like to watch Antiques Road Show on PBS & I've seen some various instruments that are valuable because of uniqueness.

 Again,I wish you happiness in finding the right one that suits you. 



I'm looking to upgrade the tuners on my B206 with  Hipshot HB6-Y 3/8" tuners. The guy at Hipshot said these are the ones I'll need. Would you be able to confirm if the mounting point for the screws are the same?

HB6 - 3/8" Licensed Ultralite® Bass Tuning Machine

  • 20:1 Gear ratio
  • Compact footprint installs on even the smallest headstocks
  • Full sized clover and Y key keeps the classic look of your headstock
  • Available in chrome (satin), shiny chrome, gold, and black
  • The 3/8" diameter version fits basses with a headstock hole size of 14mm (9/16")
  • The 1/2" version fits basses with a hole size of 16mm (5/8")
  • Licensed Ultralites® are not reversible




Carl N.

Hey RJD, unfortunately since we do not equip these tuners on this model I wouldn't be able to confirm or deny the fit of these on your instrument.  It would be best to have a qualified technician install these for you if you're unfamiliar with the process.


Thanks for the reply, Carl. The 14mm diameter is a match, I'm just trying to make sure the mounting point is before I order them. My luthier would do it. 

Carl N.

Hey RJD, the mounting point is in a similar location but I've seen a lot of tuners look similar then have a mounting point that is 1-3mm off from what seemed comparable.  Typically when I'm installing new tuners I just come to terms with the fact that I'll have to dowel up the old holes and redrill the new ones.  Wish you the best of luck!


Where can I find a ramp to fit my B206?

Carl N.

Hey Jon, I'm not too familiar with bass ramps.  Being a bass player too I was hoping to be able to provide more info but we do not use these on our instruments nor do I have these on any of my personal basses.  I am sure you could purchase them online from most retailers though you'd have to measure between your pickups to know if it will fit or not.  Most seem to be made of wood or acrylic, I am sure one could be fashioned from scratch cheaper than it could be sourced from a retailer. 

Seth M.

Just recently became an owner of this beast. And I was wondering what a good replacement aftermarket bridge would be? If you don’t know what are the dimensions of the bridge? Thanks!

Carl N.

Hey Seth, glad you're enjoying it.  Bridge should be 103mm by 53.5mm it would be wise to measure the bridge from your instrument in case this differs slightly.  Gotoh and Hipshot both make great bridges you can use to replace this one.