Alexander B.

Will the strings on the f10 LTD guitar the f10 are all the strings the same strings that you put on all the f10 or there different

Todd B. ESP

WE use a standard 10-46 gauge set of strings. These are the same strings we use for all our non-trem guitars. You can change the gauge if you like, heavier or lighter, up to you.


 what are these rings called, and where can I get replacements? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Gisle, these are called string ferrules. They can be found at most guitar parts companies such as Allparts or WD Music. Please contact our customer service team at their email for further assistance. Their email is .

Requan F.

I've always wanted to play guitar, but I didn't really know where to start. I went to guitar center and found an Epiphone Les Paul studio LT. As of late, I have been prowling on this website and I really like what I see. I'm a big fan of metal so most of your guys' guitars are in my best interests. This F-10 just snagged my attention, not to mention it's 50 dollars cheaper than the Epiphone I saw at Guitar Center. I was wondering if this is a good guitar to start out with? 


Todd B. ESP

Hey Requan, Great to hear you want to play guitar! We have a lot of unique shapes to choose from. Our 10 series offer some of our most popular shapes in a very affordable build. They aren't fancy but they have the basics like our design and comfortable neck and good sounding pickups.  It's a good place to start. Hope this helps.

Sergey S.

Hello Todd B. ESP! Tell me if ESP plans to reimburse the production of LTD F-400, F-350. I like this series very much, but I want to stick it in or through the neck. How much would it cost to make an F-350 to order? Thank.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Sergey, Currently we don't have a 300-400 series of this series, mostly because we have our FRX shape in the 400 series. Sorry but we cannot do any custom or special order for a model that we are not currently building, but if there is a lot of request for this model then it's possible we could re-release  it in the future. I would suggest to look in the used market and hopefully you can find one there.

David V.

What does it mean: "engineered hardwood"?

Todd B. ESP

Hi David, this means that it is man made. It is not cut from a full piece of wood. It is a composite wood processed to look like rosewood and be strong  so it can be used as a replacement for rosewood.