Darren M.

Any chance you guys are bringing back the "Military Green Satin" option for this model? 

Carl N.

nothing planned at the moment

Diogo M.

Hi! Is this model not in production anymore? I can't find it anywhere to sell.

Could you help me with this information? Thanks

Carl N.

This is a current model, you may want to reach out to your local ESP dealer to see if they could order one for you.

Karl K.

When will EC-401b be available again? Or how can I get one?

Carl N.

Unfortunately no plans to bring this model back at the moment

Rolf D.B


what are the color of the emg pickups on this guitar ?

Carl N.

they are black

Ryan P.

One of the saddles screws and retaining wire/spring broke on my EC-401. Any clue as to how to get a replacement? 

Carl N.

Hey Ryan, you can reach out to our customer service department if this is a warranty claim you are trying to make, they can be reached at customerservice@espguitars.com  Otherwise there are a number of aftermarket retailers around where you can source a suitable replacement.