Do any of the EC-1000's have a maple cap or are they all veneers?  Thanks!

Todd B. ESP

Hi manchot66, The regular EC models do not have thick maple cap. However, the Full Thickness body versions do have a maple cap over a mahogany body.

Max O.


I own this exact model/colour but it was made in 2007. I really like the new truss rod cover. Mine is blank. Where can I order these?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Max, That's great, hope you like your model from 2007. We don't sell these parts separately. Yours should have the model name on the 12th fret.

Shannon R.

How do I get these guitars in Canada? Seems like none on the guitar stores here have them and the US stores won’t ship to Canada 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Shannon, there are guitar dealers in Canada that sell our instruments. Please contact the distributor in Canada and they can help you find one. Here is a link to the distributor page where you can find our Canadian distributor.

Zachary H.

What's the country of origin for your newer models such as this one?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Zachary, These will be made in Indonesia.

Maria M.

Really beautiful guitar! Sad about the loss of the double binding on the neck though...

Todd B. ESP

Hi Maria, thanks for your comments. sorry you don't like the new version without the abalone purling on the fingerboard.