This is absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately, this particular colour is not available here in India ☹️

Carl N.

You could always reach out to your local ESP distributor for obtaining one in your region.

Mark G.

This is absolutely my next purchase.  I have the LTD KH-602 and it is off the charts quality and sound.  I just have to convince my wife I need another guitar.  Due to a recent promotion at work, I just may get it.  It will be worth getting yelled at for a few days.

Carl N.

Hope you enjoy it!

Poncho H.

I love this guitar. One day i will buy this guitar.

Carl N.

Hope you enjoy it when you get one!

Larry M.

Where is the blue burst with the abalone detail? Those were the most beautiful guitars I had ever seen. I've only seen $$$ "Pro" models look as nice. Bring it back!

Carl N.

Thanks for your recommendations Larry!


Where are these made? Thanks

Todd B. ESP


We are currently manufacturing this model in both Korea and Indonesia. However, we constantly monitor production standards at our various factories in Asia where we produce LTD models. Should we determine that a certain facility is capable of manufacturing an instrument to ESP's required standard or better, we may decide to shift production, or in some cases share production of a model, wherever that factory may be located. The guitar should be of excellent quality regardless of where it's made, and it will have passed our own quality assurance testing.