Ryan B.

ESP really should have updated the Alexi-200 series to be a little more higher end like the 401 series of LTD's.


I would love for ESP to recreate the iconic yellow and black "Wildchild" model. Would be the most fitting in memory of Alexi.

Adam K
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I currently own a 2008 Alexi 600 White and Black V neck through and it's phenomenal .I also owned this from 2008/9 summer I bought it my first ESP after being a Die Hard BC Rich and Jackson Player then this came out and I being a HUGE Cobhc fan and Alexi being a big influence I used this guitar with the original EMG hz pickups and loved it it felt like it would be flimsy and easy to break because it was so light but actually turned out to be a very versatile and great guitar for my drunken abuse unfortunately when times were tough 8n 2013 I had to pawn it and lost it ....sadly very punchy mid range guitar great lead tone and easy to play low action great neck that was easy to tune down. R.I.P. Alexi you are extremely missed .

Matthew K.

If LTD/ESP makes this I will preorder it in a literal second

Robert P.

Dude that guitar is sick! Where did you find that picture? If thats real I’d definitely order it immediately.

Nathan M.

Part of a series of art in the latest Hammer magazine. You can see the artists post on his social. https://www.loudersound.com/news/the-new-metal-hammer-comes-with-an-exclusive-alexi-laiho-art-print

Adam H.

I'd buy one as well. A reverse of the colors would also be sweet looking. I'd buy both if they ever do that.

John I.

Does anyone know anything about the status of the greens model? I ordered mine in January but am still on back order, anyone heard anything or gotten their order of the greeny model?

Todd B. ESP

Hello John, Please remain in contact with your dealer. As this model was heavily backordered and due to global supply chain issues everyone is experiencing, the delays have been longer than expected. We appreciate your continued patience.

Robert P.

I also ordered mine in January. I ordered from Sweetwater. I was told that I should get it around mid May. I guess we’ll see what happens.