Francesco R.

Hey, Did ESP stop making Greenies? I don’t mind waiting i just want to know if they are being made still 

Todd B. ESP

Hi, Please contact your favorite ESP Authorized Dealer for availability. Although this model was in fact discontinued, any backorders from dealers will continue to be filled.

Lenny W.

Any updates on when the Alexi 200's are going to ship? I've been un-patiently waiting on updates from sweetwater since first week of January with no movement. 


Todd B. ESP

Hi, Many products have been delayed due to various factors. We urge you to stay in contact with your sales rep where you purchased your guitar as they will be able to update you when they have any more information.

Andrew  T.

Really disappointed that esp doesn't have Alexi's greeny or pinky in a left-handed model this is the only left-handed Alexi model I've come across I beg you to consider a reissue Alexi left-handed signature series I've waited a very long time, and now I finally have enough money to purchase one please don't let me down this is for one of my hero's

Todd B. ESP

Hi, thanks for your comments. We appreciate you letting us know your concern. I'll pass this along to our development team.


I've always been interested in a Alexi model, ESP version, even a Edwards version would be fine. Unfortunatelly Edwards never made them (lefty). I'm not interested on the LTD one.

A short story about a different guitar. In the past, around 2005 I had to order a ESP KH-2 NT from the CS, just  because it wasn't available left handed that year.

Now it is available, it varies time by time (depending the model as well).

Edit: i've just seen the lefty KH2 NT is again not available.

That was a Custom Shop order. It took a lot of money more respect a std ESP guitar of course, and a long waiting time.

I hope to see the Alexi version by Edwards or ESP soon. We left handed players are considered level B customers sometimes. I'd appreciate the line up to be opened towards left handed players too. 

I suggest the company to malke them by request if needed, maybe asking a waiting time of few months, but not addressing the customer ordering a guitar with the Custom Order procedure.

Thank you 

John H.

Im really hoping that any upcoming Alexi 600 or higher guitars are offered in left handed versions. I've been wanting one for years and they just aren't out there. Please keep us lefties in mind, thank you.

Todd B. ESP

Hi John, thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Robbie v.

Hey Todd, just a suggestion but would love to see an Alexi-600 reissue series with the old black/yellow, black/white and most importantly the Scythe guitar. Hope you guys announce some good news soon about the Alexi series.

Ryan M.

I’m sure you guys have your reasons for discontinuing the 600 model but it’s still extremely disappointing.  Especially considering there’s plenty of people who would still like to buy it. Independent sellers taking advantage of his death aside... if purchased from an authorized dealer, will Alexi’s estate still receive their share?  ESP has and always will be at the top of my list simply because you guys make incredible guitars but Alexi is the reason tons of people including myself wanted an ESP in the first place.  It would not feel right or mean the same thing if I had to go and pay some re seller double the price and Alexi’s family not getting what’s theirs.  Any information on the matter would be appreciated. 

Nathan M.

Seems unlikely at this point, but I was just hoping they were removing the 600 to make room for a re-issue or a tribute model :( still holding out hope

Todd B. ESP

Thanks for writing. We will soon be making announcements about the Alexi Laiho signature series. In the meantime you should be able to find the Alexi-600 Greeny at your favorite ESP Dealer. You should not have to pay double as our retailers follow our pricing policy.

Corey S.

Well said Ryan..  I think this is sad... If its out of the companies hands I understand, but I hope something nice to celebrate's a shame the Greeny

Andrew  T.

very much agree