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"New for 2022" models will become available throughout 2022. Contact your ESP dealer to pre-order and to get updated information on availability.

Formerly known as “ESP Standard”, ESP E-II instruments are made in Japan at the ESP factory. The E-II Arrow Nebula Blackburst takes the bold, beveled shape of the Arrow and presents it in an outstanding and eye-catching finish over a burled maple top, with a matching treatment on the headstock. This 25.5” scale guitar uses neck-thru-body construction for great sustain and stability, with a three-piece maple neck and alder body. Its ebony fingerboard features triangular pearloid inlays and 24 extra-jumbo stainless steel frets. The back of the neck is satin finished for the ultimate in smooth playing feel. Components on the E-II Arrow Nebula Blackburst include a Floyd Rose Original tremolo, upgraded with stainless steel screws, as well as Gotoh locking tuners, ESP strap locks, and a set of direct-mount Fishman Modern Humbucker pickups with black covers and a push-push control to select voicings. Includes ESP deluxe hardshell case.

Construction Neck-Thru
Scale 25.5"
Body Alder
Top Burled Maple
Neck 3pc Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 305mm
Finish Nebula Black Burst
Nut Width 42mm
Nut Type Locking
Neck Contour Thin U
Frets/Type 24 XJ Stainless
Hardware Color Black
Strap Button ESP Locking
Tuners Gotoh Locking
Bridge Floyd Rose Original SE
Neck PU Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Alnico Black *(Pull Volume for Voice 2)
Bridge PU Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Ceramic Black *(Pull Volume for Voice 2)
Electronics Active
Electronics Layout Master Volume(Push/Pull)/Toggle Switch
Strings Elixir Nanoweb Super Light (.009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042)
Case Included Y
Nate C.

First off, the pictures this website provides DO NOT do this magnificent guitar the justice it deserves! The pictures suggest the guitar's color is more yellowish, and the burled maple top design doesn't have as many beautiful knots and lines and details... Wrong. So wrong, honestly this is hands down the most beautiful and well made guitar I've ever had the honor of playing. Period!

The sound is crystal clear, the treble and the tone is so much higher than anything I've ever played in my 18 years of playing guitar. The "attack" of the instrument kicks the absolute crap out of my Jackson Dinky with it's older EMG pick ups... I didn't realize how good Fishman pickups were until I did my research and then discovered it for myself. WOW! I'm absolutely blown away by the detail and the amount of work and craftsmanship that went into this instrument!

It has a presence just looking at it, let alone holding it in your hands... The neck-threw design, the shape, the polish, the satin finish on the neck that provides a silky smooth feel sliding up and down the neck.. my god. This is a Lamborghini. This is NOT a riced out Honda Civic in any way shape or form. This is a professional and elegant work of art that screams like a pissed-off gifted child! it is METAL to it's core, and sounds and feels like it too. It also plays acoustic pieces to perfection. It carries the vibrations and tones all throughout the entire instrument, you can FEEL and connect with the guitar instantly as you play it with such ease, it's very impressive.

The tone is unmatched. It sounds so rich and beautiful and crystal clear, like it's PISSED OFF!  even in an acoustic setting, playing with fingers... The tone is absolutely beautiful and so clear! Im blown away... I can't express enough how elite this guitar is. And again, the pictures ESP provides don't do it justice at all. This guitar is both elegant and beautiful, yet RAW and brutal in its attack and sound.

You can FEEL the vibrations travel throughout the entire instrument, being all one solid piece, and flawlessly hand crafted... I now understand the incredible difference that is a neck-threw design, vs. a lock or 2 piece design like my Jackson guitar. It's almost intimidating to hold this instrument because of its high price and incredible craftsmanship... But it's WORTH IT.  

I'm going to be blunt... ANYONE who makes the false and very ignorant claim that E2 guitars are any less impressive, or less quality than the top tier ESP class, is not only WRONG, but they are a fool. They didn't do their research, and they have no idea what they're talking about. Period. This guitar feels, looks, and sounds, and plays like a top tier ESP $6000 guitar! End of story! There is literally no difference other than the logo at the top of the head. E2's are made from the same wood, in the same shop, in Japan, 100% hand made by the same crew of about only 15 master- talented Luthiers, that all love to play metal and everything in-between. Hand made. Quality. Perfection. That's what this guitar IS in every single way and not only does it show in how it looks, but it also shows in how it plays and sounds and feels. Handmade. Pro. Top tier. Flawlessly crafted and you can feel it and hear it!

There is no doubt, that hundreds of hours of professional and talented work were put into this instrument. Period. That's why it's intimidating to hold it and feel it and play it. I was shaking from excitement.. I've never played an instrument of this caliber before! Woof! 

I can't recommend it enough, if you can save up the money, do it! Let me put it like this; You can take a trip to Disneyland for 2... have some fun, and it will be over in a weekend and you will be broke. OR... you can buy this incredible hand made work of art, and keep it forever knowing that you have the BEST OF THE BEST when it comes to a professional guitar and you have now joined the ESP family.