Nick K.

Standard 25.5” scale 7 in a tele body — the Evertune takes care of the string tension, no need for longer scale

I will probably still get this one though, when it becomes available to ship that is.

it’s gonna be a perfect studio guitar for rhythm tracking, and with the SS frets it should last for years to come without needing any fretwork.  

Todd B. ESP

Got it, thanks Nick! I agree this would be a great studio guitar!

Nick K.

UGH!  Why can't you make this in a seven string version with the same exact specs!?  

Todd B. ESP

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. 7 string standard scale or baritone??

Josh B.

Basically need a Jon Deiley T7b but non signature model with evertune

Nick K.

Josh B. -- YES!  With Evertune!  It's kind of crazy though I mean the Indonesian series are less expensive but have SS frets and the Japanese E-2 series cost more but don't.  Lol!  

Andrew Y.

I think standard scale, 25.75" and a Fluence option.  I love the tele look, but I already have an EMG setup guitar.  I don't want to replace, I want to collect.

Doug D.

I wished there were more options with Evertune/Fluence Moderns

That is sick looking though

Todd B. ESP

Hi Doug, thanks for your suggestions.

Anton S.

Oh! Definitely my next guitar purchase !!! Looks so metal !!! 

Frederick B.

Damn it.  Watched the LTD day of ESP Presents 2021, and this was being discussed.  Looks so good on the video.  Looks better than on the photos.  Maybe just made my list. \m/