Rob Arnold
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Hey guys! Check out my demo and review of the gorgeous SN-1!

Jake F.

Are all 3 voices available with the Fluence Open Core Classic pickups in this model, or just Voice 1 and Voice 3 (via the volume pull)?

Todd B. ESP

Hello, since there is only one switch via the push pull you will get Voice 2 as default in the down position and Voice 3 (single coil) in the up position. Voice 1 is not used in this configuration but you could surely add a switch to add Voice 1 if desired.

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Ryan A.

Juan A - Go find Chris Davis from The Ghost Inside on Facebook or Instagram.  I just installed an EverTune in his brand-new SN-1 and it's superb. I'll make it easy:


Would this pickguard potentially fit the Black Metal M-HT? or is the SN body different than the M bodies?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, The SN body is quite different than the M series, so I wouldn't suggest this.

chris g.

Could be a little cheaper for a bolt on neck the black metal guitars are 200 cheaper for a set thru neck and still has ss frets and an active pickup 

Todd B. ESP

Hi, This model incorporates a solid swamp ash body that has been sand blasted as well as roasted maple neck.