Alex P.

I've been waiting for this guitar since you discontinued the SC-600. Thank you! I was wondering what type of nut is that? Just a standard plastic one or is it a tusq?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, glad to hear that. Yes we use our standard molded nut. It is a plastic mix and is very similar to what you would expect from a high performance nut (very strong and good resonance).

Alex P.

I see, thank you for your reply. Would have been nice at least a tusq nut, for this price range, I guess that is the only thing that is missing from this amazing guitar. Well, maybe also stainless steel frets, but perhaps I'm overstepping . Cheers!

John S.

Another wasted opportunity. The sonic blue Stef color was miles off from the original and now the burst is miles off from the original. Add that to the lack of a body carve and it makes me wonder who makes the decisions around there. At least try to reproduce Stef’s guitars with the proper color and carve if you want to sell guitars. P.s. Carl N is still a dickhead even though you deleted the sc-20 sonic blue thread. Fuck You Carl! 

Carl N.

Wow, such harsh words.  Not sure what I had done for you to feel personally wronged by me.  I was tasked with directing questions on our site towards our customer service department, that's it and that's all.  Understandable if this model doesn't live up to your expectations, you're free to comment that to your heart's content, but no need to slander my name.  Maybe you're having a bad day or a collection of bad days.  If you need someone to talk to about guitars or anything else feel free to hit me up.  Though if you're just going to keep calling me an asshole and a dickhead for no reason please save your energy for something more constructive.


An affordable version of this model would be sick, love the color


they got the MH-200 available. Just swap in a JB in the bridge and you're set.


The beautiful guitar in the world!!!

Carl N.

glad you approve!


Nice finish. Was hoping for the 9 string though, when is that coming? 

Carl N.

thanks for the suggestion!