every time Ive looked around for Kirk hammetts signature guitars many different guitar stores told me that they wouldn't have the guitar I wanted for many many months, I really wanted the Kirk Hammett white zombie guitar but everyone that was selling theirs had been selling it for nearly two times what it would have costed brand new with the case but recently I got my hands on a brand new Ltd kh3 spider guitar, I love the sound of the guitar, the EMG bone breakers scream and the way it looks is very nice as well but after only a few days of playing I noticed that the side edge of the fretboard had some cracks and even what looks like a chip and I cant help but notice it everytime I look down which is pretty disappointing to say the least and I'm not really one to care about stuff like that and it even after this issue is still my favorite guitar but since I traded in half my guitar collection and a pedal just to put a downpayment on it I just wish it would have been perfect.

Anthony K.

I walked into Guitar Center this evening. To my surprise I walked out with a new kh3 ltd. Didn't see it coming but man what a great impulsive buy. I had an original kh3 with bolt on neck back in the day but then sold it. Always regretted it until today! Now its back and man am I blown away buy the quality on this thing! Solid, stays in tune, and thats fresh out of the box. They said they put it out 3 days ago on a high up hanger so I was the first customer to touch it. Not a scratch on it. I love it and the case kicks ass as well. Can't say enough good things about this guitar. Go buy one before you can't anymore!!!

Bruce B.

Just received my LTD KH-3 from DrumCityGuitarLand and couldn’t be happier. The guitar is heavy in weight and plays amazing. I used to own the original bolt-on ESP KH-3 as well as a Custom Shop translucent blue KH-3 with no spider graphic and dot inlays. The LTD in my opinion plays better! I can’t believe how well built it is and how perfect the inlays are. No filler! The inlays are that good!  Currently I’m enjoying this guitar more than my trans black E-II M-II (great player as well).

Abel F.
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Is this beauty sitll on sales????

Abel F.
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Dear friends

Is this guitar still on sale for 2022 ??!!!

Thank you

All the best