David  B.

     See it emg pickups 

David  B.

 David bloom  very cool guitar 

Jonah H.

Would you lovely folks ever consider making this one with Seymour Duncan pickups?

Randy R.

Will you guys ever release one of the EC1000 satin black with white binding without the sterile EMGs ever? I don’t like the gold model neither want one with a maple top.

Todd B. ESP

Hi, we have many different EC-1000 models. Sorry you have not found one to your liking. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

john n.

You guys should really think about just offering a single model and let the customers choose colors , pickup and bridge combinations.... I know that is asking alot but for me a flat black one is very nice but would love to have this guitar with the piezo offered in the blue as you have but also a floyd which im pretty sure someone makes a piezo floyd ... and maybe even a sustainiac of fernandez sustainer option would be cool as well... love your guitars btw !