Very annoyed that I contacted Guitar Guitar in the about getting one of these in a lefty, and their distributor told them the Tiger Eye is NOT new for 2021 and has been discontinued!! What’s going on?!!

Todd B. ESP

Hi David, sorry to hear that. Maybe it is a misunderstanding. We have offered this color in the past but the newly released version has updated pickups, hardware and back of neck has satin finish. It may be that they do not have LH version available for this model. You should contact your dealer again or contact your distributor directly to ask what may be available in your country. Here is a link to our distributor page:   

Toni M.

No new model. Been available since 2015.

Todd B. ESP

The newly released version has been updated with EMG 57TW/66TW pickups, satin back of neck and black hardware.

Toni M.

You are wrong. Black hardware was re introduced on all Esp's in 2013 when the standard series changed to EII. This guitar was released in 2015 with black hardware and 57/66. All these models have been available to buy since 2015. The only new horizon EII's are the 2 sparkle and the horizon 3 see thru black sunburst flamed. Check the Japanese website. That one is the worldwide official. You are only for the Us.



The finish isn’t new or black hardware, but some of the features are new... like the back of the neck being satin and the pickup config like what Todd said. So its technically a “new” release because of the new features. Japan website they just don’t consider it “new”; It just has the updated features by default. Is it so hard to understand that? I played on the previous version, this years is slightly different. I would consider it new and updated    


These don't match what ESP has shown as the new models on their Instagram account, check there for the 2021 models. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi, we haven't posted any of the E-II's on IG yet, but we have shown new models from LTD and ESP.


Really confused. Can someone explain why these are being introduced as new when they were available a few years ago? I've played this exact guitar and the one in cherry burst at my local store. Same finishes, same specs other than the standard 66/57 pickups and not the TW versions.

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or 

Toni M.

New for the Us. You are behind on everything.