It needs a reverse headstock like Buckethead’s old ESP guitar!

Carl N.

thanks for the recommendation

Wilfrid D.

I'd like this one in Candy apple red.I need a neck pick up.

Carl N.

thanks for the insight 

Fernando Boareto

Guitar of my dream 

Larry M.

I wish it had a direct mount HB without the pup trim cover. That would be totally RAD! The S-HB setup is my signature style. The color is perfect but a maple fretboard would define it as superb. Then cut the pointed head down (because all mine have chips in them) and it's a sale!

Nathan M.

I think the idea of these were to make them as closely as possible to the original 87 models. Not necessarily improve them. The stuff you said does sound awesome though. 

Carl N.

Thanks for sharing Larry!


How much does it cost?

Larry M.

It's posted above at $999. but usually retail is lower so maybe $799 at Sweetwater or Guitar Center.

Jean L.

I’ve seen prices between $999.99 - $1099.99 at all the big name, online retailers. And for guitars possibly made in Indonesia. Yikes!