James D.

Finally received my ESP LTD M-1 Custom 87. First thoughts? Meh! Why? It’s definitely not a 1k guitar! The finish is awesome! This guitar looks like a hot rod! Quality wise it is on the heavy side. The frets are level, but care was not taken to ensure the edges were smooth. Additionally, the frets are not smooth at all. I’m finding a scratchy feeling on bends. I’m not finding a need for the coil split, or I don’t even know if the boost actually works. Maybe it’s subtle. As expected, the SD distortion screams 80’s. The tone is kind of a warm and tight tone. I’m already packing it up, as I don’t care for it. Anyway, I’m going to end it with it is a nice low to mid end guitar just not for me. My personal opinion is for the same price you can get an E series. Once again, this is my opinion of this guitar. My viewpoint might be skewed, as my main guitar is an ESP.

Nathan M.

Interesting. What exactly makes it closer to a 400 than a 1000? Also, the boost switch is configurable. I'm not sure what the factory setting is, but you can adjust it via a trim pot in the back (open the cavity and you should see it). 20dB is a HUGE amount of gain to boost, so it sounds like yours is set low.

To me, 3 piece maple neck, alder body, Floyd 1000, boost switch, and Duncan Distortion all make it closer to a 1000 than 400, but that's just my opinion. 

I have one of these on order and can't wait. 

Carl N.

Thanks for sharing James!

James D.

Hey Nathan,

I did redo my review for ya.  I mean my m-400 is just as nice as this one.  Yeah...probably right on the boost.  Thanks for the advice.   Im not messing with it.  I’m old school and don’t see the need for it anyway.  I had a FRX a long time ago with the same feature and just left it on.  It did make a huge difference though.  This one is probably heading back to the dealer.  The frets just aren’t right.  


Man, I would love something in Candy Apple Red in the E II range but I must admit I am seriously considering this guitar

Carl N.

Thanks for letting us know!

Nicholas L.

Sick guitar. Very general question, but is there a way to get the fat, warmer neck pickup tone on a single pickup guitar like this? That is the only thing keeping me from getting a single pickup guitar.

Carl N.

Hey Nicholas, you could always adjust your tone via your amp or pedal board.



Carl N.

Hey Soullessghost, no left handed offerings at the moment.

Tsuin I.

Right! Either this one or the black left handed !!


Love it!