Joe L.

There is no info about country of manufacture or fret info.(I see fret info in the comments, but why not just list it?) and....Indonesia? Korea? Mars? And no case for $1150? Yikes! Just purchased this sight unseen! (scary) I have high expectations and I'm sure they will be met. This will be my 4th LTD. Looking forward to rocking out live with it soon! \m/

Todd B. ESP

Hi, All frets used in manufacturing will be nickel silver steel unless otherwise noted.

We are currently manufacturing this model in both Korea and Indonesia. However, we constantly monitor production standards at our various factories in Asia where we produce LTD models. Should we determine that a certain facility is capable of manufacturing an instrument to ESP's required standard or better, we may decide to shift production, or in some cases share production of a model, wherever that factory may be located. The guitar should be of excellent quality regardless of where it's made, and it will have passed our own quality assurance testing.

We appreciate you trusting us to deliver you a quality instrument and hope you do enjoy your new guitar when you receive it.

Travis O.

I had the m1007ht I had to sell for cash unfortunately but luckily my wife ordered me the m1000ht for my birthday! I absolutely loved the 1007 I was just over playing a 7 string. I seriously can’t talk good enough about this guitar. Phill labonte the lead singer for all that remains turned me on to this guitar. This is the first guitar I’ve bought more then once! It plays amazing! Stays in tune it has an amazing sound to it. And it feels really good when you hold. If your considering ordering this you will not regret it! The only down side it’s been on back order for a month now :/


Are the frets stainless steel?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, These frets are standard nickel silver. The new for 2021 models have stainless frets.

Ilya S.

Hi. Does it have coil split?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, No, this model of pickup does not offer coil split (it is not possible with this type of active pickup). But it does offer 2 voicings (Voice 1 & Voice 2), so you can have a variety of tones more than just one.

Anders B.

Hey. Recently got this from andertons. What an absolute killer guitar. Mine says M-1000 and not M-1000HT like others do and what is says on the pictures. Anyone know why?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, glad to hear you like your guitar! The HT just stands for HardTail which doesn't  need to be printed on the cover. Most likely the photo on our site is from our original sample and needs to be updated.

Silas H.

Will these also be updated to stainless steel frets, like the other new 1000-series ltds?

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or