I would purchase a  high end model with Floyd Rose trem, macassar ebony fretboard, EMG 89X pickup set. 

Carl N.

thanks for letting us know


This was my first guitar back in 2002. I still play it the most over the other 9-10 I own. I've have three fret dresses done on it over the last 18 years. Swapped the pickups three times. And swapped the trem block twice. I am also the proud owner of a F-2005, a 7string version, and I had a baritone, but I gave it to a friend. I am waiting for a Black Metal version!

Carl N.

glad you are enjoying it, thanks for sharing

Matt H.

The f series is my favorite design. There should be a 1000 series (including a 7 string) for 2021.

Carl N.

Thanks for the suggestion!


This is a beauty. But yeah I'm totally with Adam K here on the baritone. Don't know why it's gone, sad times. An F200B hardtail in stain black would absolutely rule 

Carl N.

Thanks for the feedback!

Jonathan S.

Just got the F-200, plays great! Wondering specifically what locking nut is standard, like an F2 or F3? Thanks!

Carl N.

This will use a 42mm Floyd Rose nut