Thomas F.

I purchased this gig bag from AMS who told me my ESP LTD TL-6 guitar would fit. I got it today and it fits very very tight in this case with the zipper closed. Not good. Why do you (ESP) give the dimension of this case on your description of this ESP by TKL GIG BAG.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Thomas, sorry to hear this. I believe this case should fit all our regular electric guitar shapes with the exception of shapes like V, Arrow, EX, and TL semi acoustics. Sorry that the dealer told you it will fit when it doesn't. We will add some description to our site to exclude TL models. The best gig bag for the TL series guitar would be our wedge bag: Sorry I know this is not the same case but we currently don't have a premium gig bag that will fit the TL series. Hopefully your dealer will take it back for you.