Ashton W.

Hey! I know you probably can't say much, but I'll ask anyways.

Do you guys plan to do the Arrows in a fixed bridge format? even if it's string-thru.

If so, I'd buy one of these immediately.


Todd B. ESP

Hey Ashton, Thanks for voicing your suggestions here. Although we do not have any fixed bridge versions planned at this time it's possible we would consider that version in a future release.


The finish is incredible as well! 

I just caught the YouTube demo with Paul from Guitar World.

Todd B. ESP

Hey Blkjakk, thanks for sharing that new video. I believe it was just released!

Róbert N.

Make one with string through, bone nut, c shape neck at the same price and i'll buy two

Todd B. ESP

Hi Robert, thanks for your suggestions.

Jason A.

I absolutely love the way this guitar looks, except for the non revered head stock. I would like to see the reversed style head stock in the color VIOLET ANDROMEDA as a 2nd option at an affordable price...looks more metal and definitely more bad ass. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jason, well noted, thanks for sharing this with us.


The ONE thing I dislike about the difference between the LTD models and the ESP models is the choice of the none-reverse head. What was the reason for this? Personally I think the reverse head makes it.

Jason A.

I absolutely agree with you and wish they would just offer a reverse head stock as an option.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jason, thanks for letting us know about this. It's difficult to offer options on production instruments since we have so many different models, so usually there is only one available version.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Synix, Thanks for pointing that out. Not sure why it was done that way from the beginning but they are all that way currently except for the Black Metal version which has a reverse head.