Grégoire Vauquelin


J'ai cette guitare depuis six mois et est absolument fantastique.

C'est ma quatrième guitare ESP (LTD) et c'est certainement ma guitare préférée; dépasse de loin ma G-LP, mes strats et mes PRS’.

Merci beaucoup mes amis!


Grégoire X. Vauquelin


I would buy this right away if it was a string through, i do not understand why almost All V shaped guitars are Whit  Floyd Rose. ( Not only esp/Ltd )

Carl N.

Right there with you Nicqvist!

Caleb R.

What is the actual weight of the guitar by itself?

Carl N.

Hey Caleb, this will be about 8lbs, though since no two pieces of wood are the same this can differ in either direction.

Riyan G.

Do you guys plan to do any 7 string arrow 1000 in the future ?

Carl N.

Hey Riyan, no plans at the moment for this.

yongting p.

hi, are there gig bag included?

Carl N.

Hey Yongting, cases and/or gig bags are not included with this instrument.