Richard M.

Is there a way to get this in midnight black?

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or

The Impermanent One

I just got this baby, it's wonderful! Playability is insane, I lowered the string action to around 0.7 mm on the high E and still plays without any fret buzz! The finish is gorgeous and the feeling is incredible! Made in Korea, what less could you expect?

Carl N.

thanks for sharing!

Ramtin A.

I have purchased this guitar and I have to say it sounds great. The finish is perfect. Also, EMG active pickups are absolutely fantastic; therefore, I purchased the snow white one as well. Thanks ESP for making best quality guitars. I have been playing V shape my whole life, but this guitar is something else and super comfortable to play. Just wondering, does ESP have any future plans to provide more of this 1000 Series with different colors? I would like to have more of this guitar.

Carl N.

Glad you enjoy it, typically we release new models at our yearly trade show at the beginning of the year.  Be sure to check back early 2021 to see what new models we have introduced

Jonathan H.

Hola, cuanto te costo la guitarra ? quiero comprarla

Michael T.

I've had this guitar for over a year now and I have to say it sounds and plays better than the day I got it. Absolutely crushing tone for days. Cleans up nicely for melodic tunes as well. If you're considering it then just do it, there's a reason so many respected artists play Esp/Ltd. Join the many, you will not be disappointed. 

Carl N.

glad you are enjoying it


Wow these are amazing. Just wondering, does ESP have any future plans to provide the "Black Andromeda finish" to this 1000 Series? 

Carl N.

Perhaps we do, perhaps we don't, you'll just have to wait and see.