Jim Kirik

I really would love this with a maple fretboard and a hardtail instead of a floyd (but still want the bolt on neck and headstock shape of this one which is why I wouldn't necessarily go for the M-II, although that one is also really nice)

Carl N.

Hey Jim, thanks a lot for your suggestions!

Emre G.

Hi people, I wanted to ask if an ebony fingerboard helps with neck stability.  I am generally preferring at least a quarter-sawn neck, better roasted and/or flame maple because  this is a big concern of mine. Cheers!

Carl N.

Hey Emre, shouldn't really be a concern.  Our necks are stable regardless of what wood comprises the fingerboard.

jean-baptiste K.

Hi, I saw in one of your comments that ESP doesn't use SS frets on any guitars except USA and custom shop guitars. Could you please explain why ? Personnaly it's a deal breaker for me. I have an LTD and wanted to upgrade to an EII, but without SS.... I guess I'll have to switch guitar brand. I'm sad !

Carl N.

Hey Jean, ultimately working with stainless steel costs more in both time and money and while we are working to make this more widely available currently this is only standard on ESP USA and custom instruments.  Such a shame you feel you have to switch guitar brands solely due to this.  Don't be sad, I'm sure you enjoyed your older guitars with nickel/silver frets before you learned about stainless steel.  Hope you're happy with whatever you end up with.

Aydin Z.

Dude checkout SN-1000FR, it has Stainless Steel frets, also roasted maple neck, it's superb, I'm getting one!

Wissam E.

I am interest in this guitar, but no demo videos available 

Carl N.

Hey Wissam, you can check out our demo for the E-II M-II NT this instrument will have fairly comparable specs to the E-II SN-2.  Otherwise you can always contact your local ESP dealer to see if they have one for you to check out in person.

Josh T.

I bought this guitar recently and its STUNNING in person. Absolutely amazing quality, feels extremely solid and plays fast as hell. Worth every dollar.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Josh, Thank you for your amazing review. We're excited to hear that you like your new instrument and we thank you for giving us  a chance.