I've been eyeing this guitar since it was released. This is literally the perfect modern guitar. It's hard to nitpick and find anything else to add that would make it any better, except maybe stainless steel frets. Looks wise it's perfect. 

Carl N.

thanks for the suggestion

James  R.

Hey there,

Just wondering what is the largest size set of strings that can fit into this model of Gotoh locking tuners?


Carl N.

currently the largest gauge string we use is a .74

Richard H.

I have small fingers and the radius on this guitar is 305mm would that work or would i need a larger radius like a LTD at 350mm

Carl N.

You shouldn't have any difficulties regardless of the radius

Lauri H.

This isn't mentioned anywhere in the specs but this guitar has luminlays on the side of the neck. Very cool. Got mine yesterday.

Carl N.

We'll be reorganizing our website shortly and this is one of the specs we will be listing, thank you for your comment.

Austin C.

Love this guitar. Planning to order one. Is there a bit of a purple shade in the middle of some of these guitars? I’ve seen some pictures online of the Black Natural Fade but they look to have a purple tint in the middle. Would love clarification on this before buying. 

Carl N.

Hey Austin, the finish of this instrument will be a black to natural fade, though depending on the setting of the camera taking the picture or the setting of your monitor perhaps they seem purple.