jim o.

Whoa. It looks like a beach fading into a Caribbean Sea. I'm wrecked now.

Vincent B.

Damn i want this guitar but with seymour duncans in it!!

Josh B.

Same. Put Duncs in her and ill

make her mine.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Josh, Thanks for that.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Vincent, Glad you like it and thanks for your suggestion. By the way, I am usually not a big fan of active pickups personally, but I really like the way these EMG 57-66 sound. In addition, now we are using the all new TW versions of these pickups which are brand new from EMG. They allow each pickup to be split to single coil. I recommend you check them out before you write them off.


i think that this is one of the best looking guitars out there, but how does it sound?

Todd B. ESP

Hi sensei, sound is all relative to what amp you're using and lots of other factors. That being said, this guitar sounds great.

Austin Sharp

Like a dream!

Gerald E.

Is this color full ctm thickness?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Gerald, this one is not full thickness. Only the new ECLIPSE in Black Natural Burst is full thickness.

Enrico G.

Just bought the ec 1000 piezo, otherwise I would really consider put in some extra cash for this one.

It just looks amazing!

Todd B. ESP

Hey Enrico, Glad you like it!