Rowan S.

Will the blue natural fade be available on Amazon when it goes on sale?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Rowan, Our authorized dealers may or may not sell on Amazon but I would recommend finding an authorized dealer and purchasing directly from them. We will be filling our dealer orders first. I hope that helps.

Michael S.

Love this model. Like other's I think passive pickups would make it perfect, but everyone has their preferences and you can't satisfy everyone when it comes to pickup choice. I am crossing my fingers to win the lottery so I can buy one, lol.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Michael, Thanks for adding your comments. I agree with you, it's tough to offer everything for everyone! But we try our best.

Jeff M.

When will these be available? This is a must add to the lineup, that finish is killer!!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jeff. We recommend you talk to a dealer and put one on order if possible. These are already heavily backordered and our first productions runs hitting stores somewhere around May.

jim o.

Whoa. It looks like a beach fading into a Caribbean Sea. I'm wrecked now.

Vincent B.

Damn i want this guitar but with seymour duncans in it!!

Josh B.

Same. Put Duncs in her and ill

make her mine.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Josh, Thanks for that.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Vincent, Glad you like it and thanks for your suggestion. By the way, I am usually not a big fan of active pickups personally, but I really like the way these EMG 57-66 sound. In addition, now we are using the all new TW versions of these pickups which are brand new from EMG. They allow each pickup to be split to single coil. I recommend you check them out before you write them off.