Paul J.

This one looks really awesome!  It seems a couple of the big retailers are charging a premium ($1999.00) for this one.  I'm sure it's in high demand, it's beautiful for sure.

Carl N.

Thanks for your comment Paul!  Sure is a beauty.

Carlos  C.

This guitar is a must, so for sure i will buy this model, for April next year!!! \m/


Carl N.

Hope you enjoy it when you get it!

Greg P.

WOW , this Blue Natural Fade in stunning and will be my next ESP purchase!

Why?  Because it is NOT full thickness and won't kill me to play 2+ hr sets.


Todd B. ESP

Hi Greg, I agree with you and that's a very valid point. Glad you like this design!

Gerald E.

Only thing that make this guitar the best seller is a full thickness body! Please esp full thickness 2020 !

Todd B. ESP

Hi Gerald, thanks for your suggestion.

Robert D.

I 100% agree... Full Thickness, double binding on the body back and top.  Get rid of the flag inlays they make the guitars look cheap.  Block inlays look the best or go with the USA made flag inlay it's better than this inlay which look unbalanced and again cheap.  I hate hate hate the flag inlays.  The block inlays are the best and they look classier.  I love the finish on the Blue Natural Fade but it's not full thickness.  

The full thickness, with double binding, block inlays with abalone and mother of pearl scream "The Beach" and gorgeous... The bock inlay should be mother of pearl with a middle blue abalone block inlay Starting at the first fret as well.  12th Fret Mother of pearl with Abalone ESP letters Effing beautiful... 

Everyone loves the Gibson Les Paul's of old... Traditional full thickness... Block inlays mother of pearl / abalone combined inlays... Heavy weight body!... I'm not a scrawny teenager... Binding both top and back... Did I mention to get rid of the flag inlays???... (for the love of god please get rid of the flag inlays, if you don't believe me just ask the community through a website pole) I have 2 of the LTD EC-1000T CTM's and I love them... BUT I want higher quality version... Which you are NOT making... I love the edwards Gibson Les Paul copies but we can't get them here... So you need to adjust the current ESP models.  Avoid the mistakes made by Gibson by going cheap and chambering their guitars.  Stick as close as you can to the traditional Les Paul looks or at least create a traditional line with more options and colors with block inlays... You'll sell a shit ton of them... I'd buy one RIGHT NOW... if you had them in the blue natural fade with MOP/Abalone block inlays... I'd probably buy 2 of them... one to play and one as a decoration / back up.  


Todd B. ESP

Hi Robert, thanks for your candid comments and suggestions. We value your input and I will definitely share your comments & suggestions with our design & sales team.

Andrew L.

Does this model also have the Full Thickness body? I think what ESP needs is to get rid of thin bodies and the E-ii term. I want my expensive ESP to show that it’s a real ESP. I hope they take fan suggestions more serious next NAMM show. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Andrew,  This model does not have the full thickness body. Most all of our Eclipse guitars use our thinner body which has been one of the reasons for this model's success over the years. However we have released some full thickness versions as well, but not so many. We appreciate your comments.