Umran J.

Can someone tell me the how much does the guitar weigh? 

Carl N.

Hey Umran, these will be around 8.5lbs, though we do not regulate the weight of our instruments and since no two pieces of wood are the same there will be some lighter than this and some heavier than this.

Austin C.

I really want to buy this guitar. Is there anyway to get one of these without having to wait 8-12 weeks? Here in Canada all the stores say minimum 2-3 months. 

Carl N.

Hey Austin, unfortunately I don't have a way to expedite one to you, sorry for the wait.  For the time being you'll just have to be patient and wait for your local distributor to get these in stock.  Unless you wanted to buy a plane ticket to Japan and pick one up in person

Paul J.

This one looks really awesome!  It seems a couple of the big retailers are charging a premium ($1999.00) for this one.  I'm sure it's in high demand, it's beautiful for sure.

Carl N.

Thanks for your comment Paul!  Sure is a beauty.

Carlos  C.

This guitar is a must, so for sure i will buy this model, for April next year!!! \m/


Carl N.

Hope you enjoy it when you get it!

Greg P.

WOW , this Blue Natural Fade in stunning and will be my next ESP purchase!

Why?  Because it is NOT full thickness and won't kill me to play 2+ hr sets.


Todd B. ESP

Hi Greg, I agree with you and that's a very valid point. Glad you like this design!