David H.

Hi I was wondering does this guitar have a buckeye top or is it a veener

Carl N.

This will have a plain maple cap under a burled maple veneer.  Hope this helps!

Mark W.

Hi. Can you tell me a little more about the figured tops on the E-II series Eclipses. Specifically how thick is the maple top? And the "Buckeye" veneer?

These are killer playing. Sounding. Stunning guitars anyway you cut it. Tons of value especially considering the electronics, hardware, and form fit case included. I own a 2019 USA (bought new) model. I have spent time with one of these E-II's and they are pretty freaking close to the feel and almost spot on matching the sound. Thank you!

Carl N.

Hey Mark, the tops are generally about 15mm.  Hope this helps!

Viktor G.

Got mine too, finally!!!....work of art, thank you!

Carl N.

Glad you like it Viktor!

Mark M.

just received my new blue fade AWESOME axe!

Carl N.

Hope you enjoy it Mark!

Til B.

What did you mean Carl N. when you say two pieces of wood.... one neck and one body... And what type of mahogany you use .

Carl N.

Hey Til, two pieces of wood meaning you can have two slabs of mahogany that are the same dimensions but weigh differently.  The general specification is mahogany and no specific species is sourced for the construction of these models.