Gary S.

Beautiful Guitar!  I just picked one up even though I already have an exceptional ESP USA Eclipse.

Carl N.

glad you're enjoying it!

Matti P.

Nice! How would you compare the two? How would you say that the USA version differs from the EII ?

Austin Sharp

Gorgeous guitar! To add my own touch I replaced the black brushed EMG’s with the black chrome to match the black nickel hardware. She looks like sex on the beach! I might have to buy another and do silver nickel/chrome! #ESP #EMG #SexOnTheBeach #ESPGUITARS  pics!

Carl N.

Thanks for sharing!

Reian F.

Do these use CTS pots?

Carl N.

This will use EMG 25k pots

Reian F.


Dennis W.

Just got mine this week and love it!

Carl N.

glad you enjoy it

Kevin Y.

I apologize in advance of this is specified elsewhere and I just overlooked it, but does the new eclipse (or any E-II model) offer stainless steel frets?

Carl N.

Typically we will list this within the description and specifications.  If stainless steel isn't mentioned the frets will then be nickel/silver.