Robert D.
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I would have preferred block inlays made with mother of pearl and a strip of abalone in the middle of the mother of pearl. Would have taken this beautiful guitar to a whole new level.

Marc  F.

I sold my gibson lespaul classic modern and buy this guitar. Wow!!!!!!!! amazing, No default best ever guitar i had, the sound the construction are perfect. Beautiful guitar and i will buy another one soon.

Brandon King
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I'm still waiting on mine to arrive at my preferred dealer since December. Estimated arrival is sometime between March & April. It's been on backorder & reserve since September. My figures are crossed hoping it arrives sometime next week at the dealership!

Chris S.
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I received this 2021 guitar through Reverb as the 2nd owner on Nov 2, 2021. This has been my dream guitar since I was 16. After receiving it the instrument played amazing, low action, no string buzz, and sounded great. After being displayed in my room for 6 days I started noticing string buzz on the high frets. I took it in to my local experienced guitar tech to find out the neck where it meats the body is slightly warped. This happened by mearly sitting in my room for 6 days and along with the fact that the guitar was mint and played perfect the neck warp happened from just sitting there. I would have to to get a fret level which would eventually lead to a complete refret in order to resolve this issue. Even then the neck would still be warped. I really thought that after buying a higher end quality guitar that I wouldn't have to deal with this. I actually cried, there is nothing I can do. My advice, know that u r taking a risk of getting a bad one and that these guitars are not as well built as u r lead to believe. 

Amir Hossein Veghar Farahnak
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