Chris S.
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I received this 2021 guitar through Reverb as the 2nd owner on Nov 2, 2021. This has been my dream guitar since I was 16. After receiving it the instrument played amazing, low action, no string buzz, and sounded great. After being displayed in my room for 6 days I started noticing string buzz on the high frets. I took it in to my local experienced guitar tech to find out the neck where it meats the body is slightly warped. This happened by mearly sitting in my room for 6 days and along with the fact that the guitar was mint and played perfect the neck warp happened from just sitting there. I would have to to get a fret level which would eventually lead to a complete refret in order to resolve this issue. Even then the neck would still be warped. I really thought that after buying a higher end quality guitar that I wouldn't have to deal with this. I actually cried, there is nothing I can do. My advice, know that u r taking a risk of getting a bad one and that these guitars are not as well built as u r lead to believe. 

Amir Hossein Veghar Farahnak
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Ben T.

I just bought this guitar and it sounds and plays awesome. Great metal and bluesy tones. The finish is beautiful and makes me smile every time I look at it. The thinner body makes it very light as well. It sounds just as good as a full body single cut.


I love mine, great sounds, killer axe after some minor setup adjustment, like the pickups a lot. I got one with beautiful veneer on top

Marek B.

pics attached properly, I love the finish and most importantly it sounds and plays as good as it looks!

Stefan S.

That looks absolutely stunning! Does this one have the satin finish on the back of the neck ?

Marek B.

no, it's gloss, but not sticky. it's comfy, I really like it.

Adam S.

When are we going to get a viper like this?