Dear ESP 

Glad to see you corrected the specs however you forgot the most important thing..

..this guitar comes with Vintage frets and not XJ frets! 

The Horizon Sugizo is sitting next to me right now and it's a stunning looking guitar!!

Mine has a super smooth neck. The look and feel of this guitar is amazing and it sounds absolutely awesome!!

I love this guitar, please just note that it does in fact comes with #23 Vintage frets..

..also why is this model not listed in the signature page? Sugizo is after all an ESP artist and this is one of his signature models  

Specs at the Japanese site:



Todd B. ESP

Hi Trashgreen, thanks for your comments. We'll get these specs right. This model comes from overseas and was added to our product line so it just fits in with our E-II products right now.

terry t.

OK Todd I checked 4 tops American guitar selling web sites and ESP specs and they all say X-Jumbo! I have been dreaming of a ESP guitar with smaller frets and if this does have Vintage I got to know! I would also buy the E-ll Horizon FR-7 if it had smaller frets! I am looking and buying! If ESP has any guitars with smaller frets I can find them yet! 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Terry, Thanks for letting us know about this. I was able to check with the factory and confirm that this model uses what they call #23 Vintage frets. These will be lower and more narrow than our standard XJ frets. We will go ahead and update our spec for this model. For the E-II Horizon FR-7 , those will be our standard XJ frets which we use on 99% of our products.

Andrew D.

Received  this guitar yesterday. Looks and plays amazing! 

I just want to point out a slight error on the specs. It doesn’t include  strap locks or locking tuners. 

The fit and finish is perfect, really needs to be seen in person to be appreciated.

Todd B. ESP

Hey Andrew, Great to hear how much you love your new guitar. Thanks for pointing out these errors. We'll fix them on our site.

Richard K.

It's a beauty! Any chance we'll be getting more japanese arstist signature models in the future?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Richard, Thanks. Anything is possible but usually the Japanese artist models are only available in Asia.

Eric Z.

SUGIZO!!!! Great guitarist!!!!

Dylan H.

Yes! So glad to see one of Sugizo’s models brought over here. I hope this one sticks around for a good while to come.