Gonzalo G.

This guitar with purple changed to black and blue changed to red would be awesome. Could it be possible?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Gonzalo, that would be difficult to have so many colors, but I'm sure it's possible. But how would it look? It's hard to make the transition for that many colors in such a small area. But thanks for the suggestion!

Anthony C.

Or maybe it was Use black instead of purple and use red instead of blue. That was my idea when I was looking at it

Todd B. ESP

Hi Anthony, I see.  So From Black to Red? That could look pretty cool. We gotta try something like that!

Jiří H.

Why are there active pickups? Passive pickups are better.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jiri,

Thanks for your comments. We try to offer various selections of models with active and passive pickups although it's impossible to make every guitar perfect for every player. If you haven't heard these EMG 57/66 pickups, I suggest you try them. They have a very nice sound and sound much cleaner than your typical EMG 81.

Mark A.

I was wondering the same,I want active pickups on mine!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Mark, These pickups are active, but they're not the same as a traditional EMG 81/60 set.


As someone who has worked with 81 based sets and the 57/66 sets - what Todd says is quite true. Try them out at your local guitar shop - they're really pretty amazing.

The 81s do nail what they do very well, but are a bit of a one trick pony. The 57/66 are far more versatile while still retaining almost all the "bite" the 81/85/60 do.

Todd B. ESP

Hey Havoc, Thanks for your additional comments. You are exactly right about these pickups. Thanks for adding some more info on these pickups. Everyone should at least try them once before they rule them out.

Mark A.

Can I get this guitar without active pickups?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Mark,

This model  is currently only available with the EMG pickups that are shown. It's possible we may release some other versions with passive pickups next year.


I just ordered one for my son as a graduation present. He totally fell in love with it. Unfortunately it will not arrive until June. Do you have an image that I can have printed as a poster so I can give it to him on the big day?


Todd B. ESP

Hi Maria,

Sorry for this late reply. Please contact our customer service team or your sales rep and hopefully they can help with this request. You can also copy and paste the image from our site but I'm not sure the resolution is high enough.

michael g.

Hi Todd hope you are having a great day! this guitar is a shredder !! Iam willing to say this "with a Floyd set up this Axe would fly out the door !! you all have a great weekend !!! I got my esp t shirts today totally cool.

Todd B. ESP

Hey Michael, thanks for the suggestions and great comments!