I just ordered one for my son as a graduation present. He totally fell in love with it. Unfortunately it will not arrive until June. Do you have an image that I can have printed as a poster so I can give it to him on the big day?


Todd B. ESP

Hi Maria,

Sorry for this late reply. Please contact our customer service team or your sales rep and hopefully they can help with this request. You can also copy and paste the image from our site but I'm not sure the resolution is high enough.

michael g.

Hi Todd hope you are having a great day! this guitar is a shredder !! Iam willing to say this "with a Floyd set up this Axe would fly out the door !! you all have a great weekend !!! I got my esp t shirts today totally cool.

Todd B. ESP

Hey Michael, thanks for the suggestions and great comments!

Conor H.

i would love this exact guitar with this beautiful color scheme but as a 7 string

Todd B. ESP

Hi Conor, thanks for the suggestions.

Mōrā - Azüra guitarist

Omg Make this a model that never leaves the ESP Roaster

Will .

I love my Horizon. It's perfect. Except.... it's not two-tone gradated like that gorgeous thing.