Owen M.

My first question is, is this guitar a baritone scale length? My other question is, will this guitar come in standard tuning?

Carl N.

this will be 25.5 and tuned in standard

Hunter C.B

I love this guitar so much it’s literally the best one I’ve owned.I even named her Velma that’s how sentimental she has become.But there’s one question....is there a chance you could make the guitar body heavier one day? So the neck stays up without it constantly sliding down?

Carl N.

Thanks for the insight hunter!

John B.

does this model come with stainless steel frets? 

Carl N.

Hey John, this will come with nickel/silver frets.  Hope this helps!

JAck R.

Why isnt there a color way like this for the evertune model. I would buy it if there was

nick s.

I bought this one about a month ago. I absolutely love it! This was a nice change from my LTD MH-400 with the EMG81/85's. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi nick, Glad to hear that!