John B.

does this model come with stainless steel frets? 

Carl N.

Hey John, this will come with nickel/silver frets.  Hope this helps!

JAck R.

Why isnt there a color way like this for the evertune model. I would buy it if there was

nick s.

I bought this one about a month ago. I absolutely love it! This was a nice change from my LTD MH-400 with the EMG81/85's. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi nick, Glad to hear that!

Jordan P.

This finish needs to be on an h-1000 or something, I love this so much but can't afford the e-ii prices

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jordan, thanks for your suggestion. We are working on some new colors for LTD that you might like. Check out our new product line coming out soon.

Jordan P.

Got a release date for those new h-1000HS models? I'll be first in line!

Todd B. ESP

Hey Jordan, they should be available starting in late February, maybe a little sooner. I suggest you check with your dealer and get one on order with them so you can get one from our first production.

Luis Gee....

I agree. I would probably buy an LTD in a heartbeat if it had this color.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Luis, thanks for your additional comments.

Chris H.

What’s the wait time for my dealer to get one of these for me? I use Sweetwater and they have to order it or see if Esp has it in stock. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Chris, sorry for my late reply. It depends on availability at the time of your request. Sometimes we have them in stock and other times we are backordered. Please check with Sweetwater.