Looks great! What is the weight? How is the balance with straplock near the bridge in the center of the body? Have you considered moving it up slightly so the guitar naturally stays at a 2:00pm position?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, The average weight is 8lbs. The balance is excellent with the long upper horn. No need to move the button on the body when you have a long horn up top.

Fred Zeppelin

I can't see me buying anything other than ESP. I love my D-4 also Neil J, but just like tattoo's and beer, one is never enough. I would LOVE to have an EC 404 or a B-1004 in lefty.

Cody E.

Does this come in left hand? As well as right handed.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Cody, this model is not available in LH at this time. You will see a "LH availability" icon on our pages for items that are available in LH.

Sean Tibbetts

This is my favorite of all the ESP basses. I use it for my main bass on tour now. The new  Seymour Duncan  electronics sound amazing and offer more tone control than the EMG s have in the past models. I love this bass and I recommend it to everyone. 

Sean Tibbetts 


Todd B. ESP

Hey Sean, Glad to hear this! Thanks for your review and recommendation! Keep rocking!

Larry F.

When will this be available? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Larry,

These should be shipping in June. Check back in a few weeks or contact a dealer for more info on availability.