Ron W.

Just bought this guitar, I get it Tuesday. I cannot tell you how excited I am, the warpigs are THE pickups I've wanted for years now, plus ESP's quality? So stoked. Thank you!

Todd B. ESP

Hey Ron, That's awesome! Let us know how you liked it and hope it meets all your expectations!

Harry Gandler

This guitar looks amazing!! Any possibility to get such a model (25.5 / Hipshot / reversed Headstock) with EMGs? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Harry, thanks. Currently this model is only available as you see it and there is no option for EMG.

James R.

I saw a left handed one of these on ebay and got really excited. Do you guys do runs of these in lh? It's not on your lefties section.... I would be very interested in a new lefty 7 string hotshot! Thanks.

Todd B. ESP

Hi James, it's possible this was a small run that was special ordered but it's not a regularly available model. I suggest contacting our sales department to see if they can put you in touch with a dealer that might have it available.

Mindaugas R.

Beautiful finish. I would buy it in a heartbeat, if it would be 6 string eclipse version. Please make it happen

Todd B. ESP

Hi Mindaugas, Thanks for your suggestion.

Ant G.

Any plans for a E-II M-II-6 NT HIPSHOT DARK BROWN NATURAL BURST i.e a 6-string version.  Lovely looking guitar!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Ant, thanks for the suggestion.