Colors are really looking great I like 7 strings guitars but also 6string would be excellent in this combination(reverse headstock and scalloped body)

Todd B. ESP

Hi Veil, thanks for your comments.

Aaron F.

I just had my local dealer back home order this for me.  So stoked.

Micky V.

I tried this one very briefly at NAMM, couldn't even plug it into an amp, but still It felt amazing. I am not really that much into floyd rose bridge, but I have to say It was perfect.

Joe M.

If you guys want a Killer E-II FR7 I recommend you guys check out the limited run at the Axe Palace. Only 10 made, limited run! Trans purple with Dimarzio Titan Pickups. I just put my order in today. 

Joe M.

I am definitely going to pick one of these up. I have an original ESP FR7 that I love and this color is simply amazing. Is there any confirmation on when in May this is supposed to be released? I don't typically pre-order because sometimes things get delayed for an extra month, two or even six.