Aaron  S.

Mine just showed up yesterday! I'm so over the moon in love with how this guitar sounds and plays. This is the new benchmark by which all of my guitar purchases will be held to, moving forward! 


Todd B. ESP

Hey Aaron, Glad to hear how much you like your new guitar!

Brett S.

Curious how long it took to get yours? 


Colors are really looking great I like 7 strings guitars but also 6string would be excellent in this combination(reverse headstock and scalloped body)

Todd B. ESP

Hi Veil, thanks for your comments.

Aaron F.

I just had my local dealer back home order this for me.  So stoked.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Aaron, that's great! hope you love it and get it soon!

Micky V.

I tried this one very briefly at NAMM, couldn't even plug it into an amp, but still It felt amazing. I am not really that much into floyd rose bridge, but I have to say It was perfect.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Micky, thanks for your comments.

Joe M.

If you guys want a Killer E-II FR7 I recommend you guys check out the limited run at the Axe Palace. Only 10 made, limited run! Trans purple with Dimarzio Titan Pickups. I just put my order in today.