Larry P.

Hi! Are there 7 string esp guitars that have Floyd and Coil tap?

Carl N.

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YE 京帥 王

This guitar I bought it along with the Evertune 7B!

The reason I bought because lots of bands are using this guitar, and cool features, also the color finish is like dragon!!!

Carl N.


Daniel C.

Will this guitar be available in 2021?  If so I’m buying!!!

Carl N.

still a current model

Sandra Pagola

really beautiful guitar. 

Carl N.

thanks for letting us know!

Arcane Jarek

Just got mine. The last one Guitar Center had in stock. Came with terrible factory set-up. Action set way too low causing buzz all along the fretboard. Then there is the set of strings that this guitar comes with. 7-string Elixir set 9-56 does not exist, nor can you get it from any other manufacturer, so you're stuck getting a 9-42 set and then gotta track down a single .056 which is not easy in time when even Elixir website is out of stock for those. Your option is buying it from an Amazon seller which will set you back almost as much as  full string set. C'mon guys, you can do better when charging well over $2K for a guitar. Does anyone still have any logic left at all? As is, before I can give it a full test I need to drop another $50-$75 for a pro set up, and another $20 for a complete (custom) set of strings. Please think this through in the future. You could have easily gone with 9-54 or 10-56 set and make it easier on us. Thanks. 


Carl N.

Its common for instruments to need to be set up again after spending some time in stores, if you need any assistance with your instrument or have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or 

Matthew L.

Hey man. Expect any guitar to need a little bit of setup upon purchase as shipping, changes in temperature band climate will affect the wood and therefore the the setup. Guitars with a floating tremolo like a Floyd Rose are especially sensitive to changes in equilibrium.

As for string gauges, try stringsbymail dot com, you might be able to get the single string you need from them or custom sets. I definitely feel you on the shortages of strings.

Alex Lundin

Black Harbor Sound also offers custom 7 string set. You might want to look them up.

Nick K.

Elixir has been out of stock for strings for over a year now on certain models.  Which makes no sense because their strings are actually made by D’Addario.  Anyway, time to switch brands.  D’Addario has a coated electric set now called the XT’s.


Also bro how long you been playing guitar? It would behoove you to learn how to set it up yourself if it’s something you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life and you’re passionate about it, just saying.  It’s not difficult.