Ronald Blaine S.

Is there going to be a new model of the Volsung coming out?   I noticed you have this one on the clearance page.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Ronald, There is no new model, but you may have seen the old version with the Seymour Duncan (He changed from SD to EMG last year).


Hello, I have been informed by a big UK store that this guitar was discontinued... Is it true ?

Todd B. ESP

HI Lonestar, This model has not been discontinued but the artist did switch from Seymour Duncan to EMG, so our current version has EMG pickups, and we discontinued the old SKU with the Duncan pickups.

Dustin W.

Question regarding the pick ups. Originally this model had the seymore duncans. Is that still the case in the new ones now that the emg dmf is out. Even the descriptions on the page differ. 

Todd B. ESP

hi Dustin, we are making these with EMG pickups now since Lars switched from Seymour Duncan to EMG.


This is such a nice guitar with Seymour Duncan Distortions, I never played it but it would great if I had the money. The Norse Mythology reference "VOLSUNG" is a cool touch but I miss the Danish Camo. Do you think there will be more colours?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Zildjainzone, Currently this is the only color offered and we don't currently offer the Danish camo but you can still find them probably online or in some stores.