Thomas P.

I love mine, it sounds awesome, and look stunning. I just put bare knuckles on it... I is a great step forward from the previous version

Todd B. ESP

Hey Thomas, That's great to hear! How do you like the Bare Knuckles and which pickups did you put in?

Thomas P.

I chose the ragnaroks, and I think they fit the guitar perfectly. 

Todd B. ESP

Hey Thomas, thanks for posting that image. They do look great I must say. We'll have to check those out.

Cristian D.

Hey there! As a great fan of ESP guitars who lives in Argentina (the " impossible to buy an ESP " country) let me share my painful desire to get one H1007. Maybe by miracle (or sweepstake)... Amazing piece of art guys!!! Regards from the edge of the world.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Cristian, Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear that you can't find what you need. If you contact your nearest distributor they might be able to help you.

Here is a link to our distributor page:


Just give it a active mount duncans it would look slicker 

Jimmy A.

Passive pickups was one of the main reasons I chose this guitar. The 7 string market is saturated with guitars installed with active pickups from the factory

Todd B. ESP

Hey Jimmy, Great to hear that from you. Thanks for sharing your preference.

Steven W.

I spoke to some people I know in Czech, and Australia. They have seen and played in them in stores. I wonder if its an import issue, or if the retailers just dont want to carry them. 

J.M. Olivares

New pickups? Interesting...