Make this guitar with EMG's again!

Super Strat

No way, man! Keep the Duncans....Enough with the EMG's already!

Kyle P.

Would love to see a 28" scale of this. please! 

Todd B. ESP

thanks for your suggestion.

Lonnie S.

Quick question: I currently own an Ltd SC607b in purple satin with 2 fishmans, will this guitar have a similar neck profile? I am wanting a 2 humbucker 7 string, but with a normally placed neck pickup and wondering about this one.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Lonnie, yes the necks have the same profile and specs so they should be very similar.

Lonnie S.

Thanks for the info. Love my SC607b’s neck and body, just wish the middle pickup was a true neck pickup. I have been playing passive Seymour Duncan’s since the 80s and this was my first experience with actives. Love the bridge pickup, just want that true neck pickup sound.

Daniel  P.

I bought this guitar 7 years ago and it came with EMG 81/85. Is this model no longer available?

Carl N.

Models get updated periodically, be sure to check our product archive for information on older model instruments.

Adam B.

Hi i have just purchased this guitar and its arriving tomorrow! But i want to change the factory spec strings from 10/13/17/26/36/46/59 and i want to go to 11/14/18/32/48/52/62, will i get away with this without having to file the nut at all? Can it cope with this guage of string?

Carl N.

Anytime you change string gauges or tuning it is best to setup the instrument to those specs, which would include working on the nut if different gauge strings are used.