Steven W.

I got one of these yesterday. Its a really beautiful guitar. Its much lighter than I expected, especially compared to my EC-1000FM.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Steven, Glad to hear that. Hope you enjoy your new instrument.

Adil A.

Straight-pull headstock, Fixed bridge, Passives, superstrat body shape. Daaamn, can’t ask for more. ESP guys, You rule \m/. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Adil, Thank you! Glad you like this design.

Ryan F

Any plans for an active pickup version?  EMG?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Ryan, Not at this time but thanks for our suggestion.

Max M.

Should make this in left handed

Todd B. ESP

Hi Max, thanks for your suggestion.

George P.

Yeah, this would be my perfect guitar if there was a lefty version. ESP please!!

Carl N.

Hey George, thanks for your input!  We know it's tough for left handed players, we try and offer as many as possible but we know we cannot offer all of our instruments in both orientations.

Daniel H.

Does this guitar have a maple cap or a veneer?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Daniel, This top is a veneer, not a thick maple cap.