Sigbjørn N.

Great guitar! I want a second one, but dark green sunburst and satin neck. Perhaps Fishman pickups or pegasus +sentient? And of course, with evertune... (Locking tuners should be there - so convenient, and would not cost too much more).

James G.

This is the same guitar that Diamond Rowe uses. For those in the know...

john n.

now this with a floyd piezo bridge would have me sold ...

David  B.

 Nice  finish   very  hot guitar 

Todd B. ESP

Glad you like it!

Matthew A.

I noticed the frets are listed as extra jumbo. If I ordered directly from ESP, could I have you replace with smaller frets? Do I have to go through the custom shop? What type of cost increase would this incur?


Carl N.

LTD instruments are not open for custom orders, only ESP custom instruments can have such specification changes.  If this is the model you like it would probably be more cost effective to have a local technician replace the frets to the size you want.