Are you planing new ESP/LTD KH style?

I’m asking because I wanted to get the Ouija, and the local store just sold the last one...


Todd B. ESP

Hi Lior, no plans currently but sure is a possibility in the future.

Peter F.

Again I have one for sale.Never played

Ian Z.

What is the finish like on the neck? Is it glossy, or more satin?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Ian, it's glossy

Ian Z.

Thanks for the reply.

Cristian A.

how many models exist in the world?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Cristian, There is no exact number on these but it has been a production model for 2 years so there are a few hundred at least and we still are making them.

Ben S.

Is there any plans to release this model with Kirk’s new signature EMGs?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Ben, Yes it is possible that later this year or early next year this model will use the new pickups.