Quick question, how many of these were offered in left hand worldwide? 

Carl N.

These were a regular production item so this model was not limited to a specific amount.


not sure if you are USA or Canada but there is one in canada for sale through Long and McQuade Music store which is a very large chain store... at Pickering ontario for 1869. canadian dollars as of January 5th 2020 left handed. @soulessghost

Robert D.

I have acquired two of the KH Signature Ouija's and I can't begin to tell you how horrible the cases are... I can't believe that ESP would even go to China to have these made.  They are terrible... For the price and a Signature model you'd think they would be higher quality.  There's glue around the corners.  The material inside isn't even glued properly and some areas the glue has either been missed or has worn off.  Seriously disappointed... And these are the 666 and 500 limited edition versions... ESP I feel you guys are going down a bad path.  Once your each the bottom climbing back up is a lot harder.  

Carl N.

Hey Robert, sorry you're having a bad experience, you can always reach out to our customer service team at if you need assistance.

chris a.

When did you all add the EMG's with the green writing on them? I have the Demonology one with the 81 with the silver EMG and the one with the dull EMG I think it's the bone breaker


Todd B. ESP

Hi Chris, We started using the new Bone Breakers signature pickups last year. It sounds like you have the 81/60 set which was used previously.

Arya R.

Hi, how long does it usually take to build this guitar? and If my local ESP dealer doesn't stock this guitar in its shop can I order this from that local dealer? sorry for the bad English I hope you get what I said. Thanks!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Arya, THis item is usually in stock or on order. If you are not in the US please check with your nearest distributor.

 Here is a link to our distributor page:

Peter F.

I have one for sale 

dylan b.

Hi, so I'm thinking about getting this guitar but I can't tell if it comes with emg bonebreakers or a set of 81's and 60's. The picture shows 81's and 60's, the description says that it is a set of 81's and 60's, but the specifications say it has bonebreakers. Very confusing. Can someone tell me what pickups it actually comes with?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Dylan, thanks for pointing out these discrepancies. We first released this model with 81/60, and after we had been producing this model, Kirk and EMG released the new Bone Breaker set so we have been working on switching over to the new pickups. We are now building these with Bone Breaker pickup set.  So the photo is old and needs to be updated. We will update the spec and photo asap.