Kevin L.

I love this guitar, but would like to install a roller bridge. What are the dimensions of the Tune-O-Matic?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Kevin, All Tune-O-Matics are the same spacing for the most part. The only difference is the size of the mounting holes. Ours use a larger hole size (which is also considered a modern type versus vintage type). What you need to find is a roller bridge with the larger holes (.250" or 6.5mm). Here is a good choice from Tonepros:


Are there any plans to have the EC-256FM in a black cherry?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Samuel, There are not plans for this color, but GC does offer this color in a sunbursted STBC which is an exclusive color for them.


I have this one, just to ask is the nut that you use is already bone nut or just a plastic? Also my guitar doesnt have the Ec-256 inlay on the 12th frett. May I know why? I purchase it on our local dealer in Philippines at Lyrics Shopwise branch.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jester, we use a molded nut which is made of a high grade of plastic. It is very durable and the sound is good. We primarily use these molded nuts for the production instruments in 200-400-600-1000 series range. We have made a running change earlier this year to remove the model name on the 12th fret. Now the model name is on the truss rod cover. This is a global change for our brand. So you do have the latest version of our guitar. Hope you enjoy it!

Benjamin S.

These EC-256's look really nice but I am missing the EC-330fms with the bolton necks and np binding on the body...

Todd B. ESP

HI Benjamin, Thanks for the comments. The EC-256 series has been doing well and widely accepted. The EC-330's were cool but were something we just couldn't justify having in the line for more than a limited time. You might be able to find them out there in some stores or used.